People in the World

This page is for people we meet, whether they are helpful, neutral, or hostile. More will most likely be added as we meet them.

Sirish, the Barmaid- LN- Not a very bright or very attractive girl, there is a taint of goblin, or maybe even ogre in her blood. Her skin is an unsettling orange. Her main role in life is to serve mead to patrons of Winston's bar in Startville. She does this job well enough, but she has trouble remembering any drinks other than "mead" or "another mead" Winston, the owner of the tavern takes care of Sirish and protects her from the more uncivilized patrons. He also allows her to keep rabbits out behind the tavern as this makes her very happy.
Kronos, the Ancient- This old drow man has asked for your help in defeating a great evil of his own creation. He regrets ever taking in a protégé like his son. Kronos has helped your party twice now, but there are still members of your group who are on edge about trusting a drow.
Garry, the horseman-CN- This young man owes you a debt of gratitude after you helped him recover from an animal stampede on a ranch outside Startville. He rewarded you with two Dragon coins for the "Wyvern Rodeo" to start later this year in the Great Plains.
Dratis Magir(deceased)-CN- Leader of the orc tribes near the drow underground, Dratis teamed up with you to escape from enslavement and helped you to defeat the evil driders and their drow masters. He perished honourably in the heat of battle
Miro, the halfling-NG-A strong personality, this man constantly resisted the mind control of the drow in order to ensure that a message got to his wife Myra in Startville. Your group took a broach from him to take to to his wife with a message of his undying love.