Our Heroes

Here is a page where we can keep track of the members of our party- our stats, goals, descriptions, etc. I (UltimaGabe) will begin with my character as an example, and everyone else can either use the same format or make up their own. Let me know of any suggestions!

A strong willed man, Alric has had his fair share of brushes with crime. It seems that darkness is in his blood. He is in search of understanding and mastery of his own powers. Alric lived the life of a mercenary from a young age, and worked with the Feather and Fang Guild after his Father died, and his inheritance was lost to Royal Taxes. His arcane power manifested itself in a tavern brawl, causing him to douse a thug in conjured acid. Since that day, Alric has honed his power both in spell and blade, preparing for the end of days. He is convinced that it is his destiny to fight in the last battle of the world, upon the last day.